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Delacroix Exhibition iPad App

I built an iPad app for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The exhibition was entitled “Delacroix and the Matter of Finish,” which ran from October through January 2014.  Here’s a link to the original exhibition.




Standing Waves: a Multimodal Composition in the AlloSphere

This was my thesis project. You can find my presentation slides here.

Standing Waves is an audio-visual installation designed for the AlloSphere, an immersive multimedia instrument being built at UCSB. The piece presents an interactive visualization of two-dimensional wave propagation projected in three dimensions around the surface of a sphere. This simulation is then sonified through a variation of additive synthesis and spectral decomposition, and the resulting audio is spatialized around the perimeter of the performance space.

Users are able to interact and control the combined audio-visual synthesizer through a motion-capture interface and gestural mapping system. The piece’s form is structured through a series of modules that can run while being guided by user input, as well as in a semi-autonomous “installation mode” when limited or no user interaction is detected.


Kinematica at Bits and Pieces, Santa Barbara

Kinematica is a muti-person audio/visual motion capture installation. Taking hold of small infrared controllers, audience members are able to create light and sound through subtle movements of their arms and hands. This results in an electronic soundscape and visualization of human gesture. Because multiple participants interact with the system and each other throughout this process, the resulting audio-visual piece is a collaborative endeavor, similar to a live musical performance.